Vision Therapy

Children and adults may need help with the visual skills used for school and work. Head trauma,concussions, strokes or other neurological problems can cause similar deficiencies in visual skills that lead to symptoms like headaches, lack of concentration or losing your place. Our office can recommend solutions including specialized prisms, lenses or vision therapy.

Vision therapy is a series of eye “exercises” somewhat like physical therapy, that allow a person to regain the eye movement skills that are preventing them from using their vision comfortably and accurately. Vision develops in a logical sequence much like other movements we learn, and when reduced vision, delayed visual development, or head trauma occurs, some of the skills become inadequate for the demands we place on our vision.

The vision development page describes how vision is connected with movement and gives some ideas on how you can help your children to acquire healthy visual skills and habits.
This video also describes vision skills.
Dr. Lori provides a comprehensive evaluation of binocular vision skills for infants through adults.