Learning-Related Vision Problems can go Undetected -
These were Diagnosed and Successfully Treated in our office

“My child’s success story!”

Before vision therapy: “My son did not realize that he could not see things. He had difficulties with reading letters in words, words in sentences and sentences would jump around the page at any given time. He also plays soccer. He often would miss a ball flying in the air.”
After vision therapy: “My son started seeing things. He realized that he had trouble prior to therapy. His Oral Reading Fluency has improved as well as accuracy. His frustration level has lowered since he can make sense out of written text. In addition, his soccer ability has improved a lot. He jumps and heads balls as well as catches balls as he is diving through the air while he is in the goal. Coordination has improved too. Thank you!” -T. A. 01/24/12

Before vision therapy: “My daughter would become easily frustrated. She would call herself stupid and would think she is stupid compared to other students. She struggles with reading.” After vision therapy: “My daughter seems to be reading a little better. She seems less frustrated. She is not skipping words when she reads. Her self-esteem has seemed to improve”.
-A. D. 08/09/10

Before vision therapy: “My daughter was complaining of blurry vision. She was having trouble seeing the board, even after being moved to the front of the room. She also frequently lost her place while reading unless she used her finger to mark her place.”
After vision therapy: “My daughter can now clearly see the board no matter where she is in the room. She is becoming a very successful reader and no longer has to use her finger to mark her place. She is enjoying reading for pleasure instead of just for “school”.”
-T.K. 02/23/10